Friday, May 13, 2011

The Thursday Post

Damien Rice: Volcano.  I love his voice, and his songs always have beautiful instrumental lines.  I also love duets with male and female voices, and many of his songs have Lisa Hannigan as a background/duet vocalist.

Designtripper (which is a fabulous site, btw) posted this cute story last week, and it made me smile.  Date nights are absolutely better with ice cream, and this little Ms. Jo is the cutest person ever.

Sweet tea bourbon cocktails, from Joy the Baker.  These go down so nice and easy, and they are perfect for this almost-but-not-quite summer weather we're having.  We used blood oranges and no mint (didn't have any), but they were still perfect - maybe even better, because blood oranges are so complex in flavor.
Camera was charging - this is photo booth!  Haha.  That's Sinful's Kismet Elated on my nails.
I really want a new, bright blush.  The MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder (I'm really tired of long product names :P), seen on Christine at Temptalia here, has caught my eye.  Not loving the gold overspray stuff, but the orange color that's underneath = love.  I've been wanting NARS Taj Mahal for its orangey goodness, but I can't find a paraben-free dupe (I've been told of NYX, but a lot of their products are not paraben-free, so that's still not an option).  The new MAC is not quite that orange (it seems to lean more coral) but I am getting tired of pink and coral blush.  I'm also looking at MAC's Frankly Scarlet (is this a Gone with the Wind reference?).  Do you have any of these?

Although, so far, I've been wearing the Diorskin Nude Glow powder (review here) every day since I bought it.  It's gorgeous, and I don't actually need to wear blush over it.  Um, yeah...that's not gonna stop my blush habit!  Haha.

Shiro Cosmetics = the awesome.  I've been playing around with the shadows I ordered all week.  They stay on all day (well, with primer, but I don't wear any eye makeup without primer), and are so pretty!  My current favorites: Shaymin, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Triforce.  Her new collection just launched yesterday, and you can bet I already have a new wishlist!