Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Target: Xhilaration Wedge Sandals

I took advantage of the Target 20% off of a purchase of $75 or more sale recently - I bought a few dresses, blouses, a romper, and some wedge sandals.  It was an online sale, so I was also able to use Ebates for 3% back - quite exciting!  S. used Ebates recently too when he bought his mother flowers for Mother's Day - Teleflora was doing 20% back, which is quite nice.  I figure, I'm going to make those purchases anyway, so it's nice to get something back for it.

Anyway.  I've never purchased clothing or shoes from Target before, so I didn't know what to expect.  A lot of fashion bloggers have given some of Target's clothing lines good reviews, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  If nothing fit well or suited me, I could always take it back to the actual Target in town and return it.  I've also been thinking that I really need new clothes and sandals, and I could stand to spend less on makeup and more on clothing and accessories.  I have the constant problem of going to my closet/dresser, and feeling like I have absolutely nothing to wear.

I received my purchase in two shipments.  The first: Xhilaration wedge sandals: Tawny in Taupe (don't those both sound like colors?  Tawny is the style name).
Size 5.5 fit perfectly; I love the color and the trendy design.  Plus, they were $19.99, and I got 20% off - score!
They're so cute!  I tried them on and they fit really well; the wedge is a bit narrow at the back, but I've been known to run around in heels if necessary, so it's not so bad (though I prefer not to, of course).  They're also quite sturdy - not at all flimsy or otherwise sketchy - and they don't skid on hard/tiled floors.
They have a faux-wood type heel, which may start to scuff off later, but we'll see.  These were also S. approved :)
Total win.  I wore them yesterday when it was sunny and beautiful, and I think this is a great buy for summer.  Find them at Target here; they also come in brown and black.  Stay tuned for the contents of the second package!  (There aren't any more shoes, I promise - I've bought three pairs in a week, I think I'm done now.)