Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sinful Kismet Elated

I've had this bottle sitting around for a while, and it finally caught my eye again.  This is Sinful's Kismet Elated, a shimmery magenta-purple with a subtle gold sheen.  Very pretty.
Sorry the glare makes it seem like my middle nail has been destroyed - it's not, I promise! 
Just one coat is fairly sheer, and I had trouble because this brush was puffy and frayed, as if someone had gnawed on it (I didn't, I promise!), which is weird as I've never used this one before.  I guess they're not really sealed for purchase, so it's possible that anyone could have played with it before I bought it, or perhaps I just got a defective brush.  I'm going to attribute the bubbling I had to the brush, too.  Otherwise, each coat is thin and dries quickly, so no further complaints from me.  I reached a satisfactory opacity in two coats, which I find is pretty standard with Sinful polishes.

They retail for $1.99 at most drugstores, which I consider a steal.  They have some great colors for summer, too - I was really tempted the last time we went to the store.