Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Part II: Product Review and Swatches

This is Part II, the review and swatch segment of my Shiro Cosmetics posts.  For my opinion of the company, see Part I.

I was impressed with the packaging for these mini-jars (other than the fact that some of them don't screw on quite perfectly - they still stay sufficiently tightly closed to prevent leakage); each of them are labeled with the color's name and full ingredient list, as well as a note that says whether it is lip-safe or not.
The bottom of the jar.
The top.  This is when it was still sealed - you can see the white tab there.
 The clear tops make it easy to see which color is which when they are stored right side up (I have some other Bare Escentuals loose shadows that I have to store upside down to be able to see the color).  I may store them upside down anyway because I'm lazy and I don't like having to tap product out onto the cap, but it's nice to have the option.

Now, the 15 mini-jars:
Top (L-R): Small Key, Triforce, Pikachu, Charmander, Shaymin
Middle (L-R): Acid, Bulbasaur, Link, Zora, Gyrados
Bottom (L-R): Clefairy, Majora's Mask, Rattata, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Gengar
Yes, I ordered them by color, because I am crazy and I do things like that.
There was a glitter storm when I swatched everything, between cleaning my brush in between swatches and peeling off the seals and tapping out product and actually swatching things.  S. was more amused than annoyed with the glitter storm, but he did very firmly say that no, I could not use his arm for swatches when I ran out of space on mine.  He suggested I show some leg instead.  I'll spare you.

These swatches were done with a flat brush (hence the lines), dry, without a base/primer.  The shadows went on beautifully - smooth, pigmented (except for some fallout, but hey, it's glitter, that's to be expected), and a tiny amount packs a lot of color.  I was working in the sunlight that was coming through the window (yes, we had sun!  Hallelujah), and you can see in the first panel (which is actually the one I swatched last - I went from the bottom up) that it's starting to set a bit, which is why the overall skin tone in that panel is warmer.  Sorry, I swatch slowly, apparently.  Also, it's kind of hard to take a picture of your own arm.  I complained.  S. ignored me.  I guess if I had asked he might've helped, but he was cooking dinner (yes, he's the chef around here) and I was hungry, so I left him alone, haha.
Top row.  Click for larger.
 Middle row.  Click for larger.
Bottom row.  Click for larger.

Pigmentation was great for most of them; the sheerest was prolly Lance the Dragon Trainer.  Shaymin doesn't show up well on my arm in the photo, but in person it's very visible - the problem is the swatch, not the product.  I felt like Rattata was prolly a little on the chalky side, but it's nothing you can't work with.  Small Key packs a bronzy punch, and Gengar is also crazy intense - you can see that the swatch got a little out of control there in the third panel.  Link is more olive on my skin than I thought it would be, and Majora's Mask was definitely more purple than I expected.  I think the shadows in general are very nice, and they aren't all shimmers, as the swatches might suggest.  Some of them are very certainly matte bases, with glitter particles, rather than a full shimmer shadow.

Would I buy again?  Resoundingly, yes.  Like I mentioned earlier, she's coming out with a new collection soon.  The prices are reasonable and the products are fun and unique, and the service went through without a hitch. I'll swatch the Kawaii shadows some other day - I'm a bit swatched out for now.