Monday, May 9, 2011

Pumped for Pumps

Forgive me the cheesy title.  These shoes are amazing.

I've been working on revamping my closet, sort of; that is, I'm trying to make sure that any new purchases I make are staples, things that I really want and can use over and over, rather than impulse trend buys.  I've had "nude pumps" on my list ever since I saw Jean from Extra Petite rock them, and of course, flesh-colored shoes are big on many a fashion guru's list, as they elongate the legs etc etc (I read this in Victoria Beckham's fashion book, too.  Please don't judge me for that - I like her, she actually has a really dry sense of humor and is hilarious).

Target has a pair that's popular with the blogging community, but they never have any in my size (5.5 or 6, depending on the brand) and I'm not good at waiting.  Plus, I had a $5 off coupon at DSW, so that's where we went.  I intended to come out of there with only one pair of shoes (if any), but of course, I came out with two.  Of course.

First, the nude pumps I picked out: Mix No. 6 Barbie pumps in Nude.
 These run a bit snug; I bought a 6 because even though the 5.5 felt perfect for my left foot, it was uncomfortably tight on my right foot.  There didn't seem to be much of a difference between the 5.5 and 6 (the left foot 6 was similarly snug and comfortable, the right foot 6 was a much better fit - the perfect pair would have been a 5.5 L and a 6 R, but that wasn't a possibility, so I settled).  I love that it has a shorter heel (2.5 inches) because it's actually pretty comfortable to walk around in - your foot isn't ridiculously arched, the way it is with higher heels.  It also has a no-slip bottom, which I appreciate.  I admit that I am a little concerned that the shiny patent will get scuffed too easily, but we'll see.  It doesn't look cheap, which is the major concern I have when I buy shoes - I hate the obviously synthetic look of some materials.  It was $39.95, but it seems like the DSW website is sold out.

The other shoe I walked out with?  Steve Madden Page Pumps in Gold Glitter.  That's right, gold glitter.  They're intense, but not over the top - I thought they were really fun, and the size 6 fit perfectly.  They also have a shorter heel (2.5 inches again), so walking around in them is actually manageable.  They are glittery, but it's well done - when you handle them, your hands don't come away covered in itchy glitter chunks.  There's a tiny bit of fall-out, but it's not like you're a walking glitter storm.
I figure they were prolly intended as copycats of the Louboutin Pigalle pumps, but you know, they're fun in their own right.  And um, at $49.95 at DSW, much more affordable :P  I wore these yesterday (paired with dark wash skinny jeans, a cream-colored blouse, and a brown leather jacket) just to run errands - they're so much fun, and yet not over the top.
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I'm excited about both of these shoes!  I don't really work in a business/office environment (I'm a graduate student, and a chemistry one, at that) but it's nice to have these more sophisticated pieces to dress up my wardrobe a bit.  I always avoided pumps in general, because they seemed like they'd be too grown-up or uncomfortable, but I guess it's time to embrace the fact that I, too, am a "grown-up."  And rock those pumps.