Friday, May 20, 2011


Shiro Cosmetics released "The Science Collection" when they launched their new webstore, and of course I had to pick up some new colors.  I ordered 30 mini-jars, but I ordered them across collections, because there were some in the Legends and Super Effective collections that I still wanted (I ordered 15 mini jars across both of these collections last time).
My package arrived four business days after I ordered it, packed neatly and with care.  I will note that when I took Veran out, my fingers came away covered in blue shiny awesomeness; the seal didn't look like it had come off or had broken, so I'm not sure what happened there. 
I think I'll swatch in three posts; this one will be for the ones from The Science Collection, since that's the newest release.  I have to confess, I've never played Portal (we don't own an Xbox360 or a PS3), so I don't know any of the references.  I googled the game, though, and it sounds super awesome - makes me want a PS3 even more, now (I refuse to support the evil M cooperation :P).

I don't think there's any sort of rhyme or reason to the colors I bought, and since there weren't any swatches yet, I pretty much just picked them based on pictures of the product in jars.  I don't regret that at all - they're all gorgeous!  On to the swatches!  You can click all of these for a larger version.  I tried to take them in two kinds of light - direct sunlight, and indirect sunlight.  They were swatched dry, on bare skin (no primer). 
All sixteen Portal colors that I ordered, swatched on my arm.
In natural light.
In direct sunlight.
Outright Fabrication: pearly white with red glitter
Incinerator: Rusty red with silver sparkles - super pigmented
Unsatisfactory Mark: Matte orangey red with super fine silver sparkles
Wheeeeeee! (I had to count the e's :P): shimmery coral-pink with fine gold sparkles
Test Subject: burnt orange matte with fine gold sparkles; also strongly pigmented
For Science: sheer peachy gold shimmer with lots of gold sparkles
Thinking With Portals: Macaroni and cheese orange shimmer with iridescent blue sparkles
Indirect light.
Direct sunlight.
[Subject Name Here]: Pearly, opaque peach-gold.  Really gorgeous, very pigmented.
Still Alive: Shimmery sea foam green, fairly sheer, with green sparkles
Enrichment Center: Dusty, silvery teal, fairly sheer, with silver sparkles
Emancipation Grid: Frosty, baby blue with iridescent blue sparkles
A Neat Gun: Shimmery cobalt blue with orange glitter
In indirect light.
In direct sunlight.
Beta: shimmer green-black with silver sparkles
Deadly Neurotoxin: shimmery green-brown with silver sparkles
There Will Be Cake: copper shimmer with gold/copper sparkles
Party Escort: fairly sheer gray with red and silver glitter

I love all of these - some of them are very complex, with beautiful duochromes and glitter.  I haven't had a chance to use all of these yet, but some of my favorites are: [Subject Name Here] - a beautiful peach gold that's a perfect neutral for me; Deadly Neurotoxin - lovely, lovely dark brown with a green tinge; Incinerator - rich red; Wheeeeeee! - beautiful coral pink.

Here's a simple look I did for date night (worn with a coral blouse and a tan blazer):
[Subject Name Here] on the inner lid, Thinking With Portals on the outer crease, UD Underground as liner, UD Eden as primer.
I'll try to take better photos, but I'm having trouble finding good lighting.
I tried to swatch them all with the same amount of product to keep things consistent; the ones that are more sheer can prolly be built up for more color, though sometimes a sheer wash is also useful.  I love the quality of Shiro shadows - they are beautiful across the board.  Did you pick up any new Portal colors?  Which are your favorites?