Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Brights and More MAC Lips: Vegas Volt

I have a sheer red (Hot Tahiti) and a lovely, natural pink (Syrup), and now, with Vegas Volt and Viva Glam II, I have a punchy coral and a lovely neutral.  These are amplified creme and satin finishes, respectively.  I was a little apprehensive about these, since I have dry lips.  However, they're pretty comfortable on the lips, and while they do have a tendency to settle into lines, if I prep my lips well, I can prevent most of that.  I picked these up when I bought Frankly Scarlet.  A bright lipstick and a neutral lipstick were on my checklist of makeup staples, and now that's mostly complete!
Vegas Volt, with flash.  It's gray and gloomy here again - surprise, surprise!
Here's Vegas Volt - an amplified creme finish.  I was surprised by how creamy it felt upon application; it's opaque and gorgeous.  I love corals, and I wore this around after I purchased it at the mall.  Once I put on lipstick, I kind of forget about it, and then I catch a glance of myself in some reflective surface and I do a double-take.  Whoa.  Is it really that bright?  Yes, yes it is.  It wears well and leaves a faint coral stain afterward.
Vegas Volt.  Bright, opaque, creamy coral.
Vegas Volt (amplified creme) ingredients.
MAC lipsticks are $14.50 for 0.1 oz.  They smell faintly of vanilla upon application, but that quickly fades, and there is no taste.  I do appreciate that these don't have any sort of synthetic plastic smell, or the waxy smell of other lipsticks (a major turn-off for me).  I'll have Viva Glam II up for you next time.

*(Speaking of smells - I finally placed the funny smell I was talking about in the Frankly Scarlet post; don't you think that MAC makeup remover wipe things smell like carbon paper?  You know, the thin slips of paper you use for receipts and graphing and such?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so :P)