Monday, May 16, 2011

MAC Blush: Frankly Scarlet

That has to be a Gone With the Wind reference, right?  Even though it is "frankly, my dear."  It's okay.  It's still clever.  (Though the line in the movie also deviates from the line in the book...but I digress.  I do that a lot).
Bright, bright, bright!
So, continuing on with my latest desire for bright, bright products, I went into MAC looking for the brightest damn blush possible, and this is it.  It's an intense, matte pinky red.  I asked the MA to apply it for me so that I could see if it would show up on my face, or if it was too crazy, or if it turned a weird muddy green on my cheeks - okay, the last one was never really a possibility, but the point is, I wanted to see it on my face.  So, she took one of her brushes, dabbed at the pan, and dabbed at my cheeks.  S. held up a mirror for me, and Oh.  Dear.  My cheeks were bright red.  The expression "apples of your cheeks" took on new meaning.  That shocking color in the pan?  Exactly what was on my face, at that level of pigmentation.  S. stared at me, and I just sort of stared at the MA.  Her makeup looked lovely and normal, which is usually an indication that they will make you look lovely and normal.  Um, apparently not in this case.  But, me being me, I just smiled and said, "I'll take it.  I'd also like to look at some lipstick now."  (She redeemed herself there - the two colors she chose were really lovely and suited me, so I ended up with those too.  But I'm never letting her put makeup on me again.)
Ingredients.  Click for larger.
Hi, yeah.  This is what you get with a few dabs of your fluffy blush brush.  Tread carefully!  But, isn't it gorgeous?
Anyway, in the end I still loved the color (even if I am going to apply it with a much lighter hand), so I bought it.  I'll have to play around with it a bit to see what kind of look it goes with, but I'm pretty happy with it.  I think it might be fun to layer, too - it's so ridiculously bright.  This means I can also now pass on My Paradise from the Surf Baby collection; I only wanted the regular pan color from that anyway - not the overspray - so this works out a lot better.  Plus, I really prefer the normal MAC black packaging over a lot of the LE ones.  Some of them are so...gimmicky.  Speaking of weird things, does anyone else notice that they always smell funny when they leave a MAC store?  I think it's the makeup remover.  It smells...funny.

Anyway.  MAC powder blushes are $19.50 for 0.21 oz.  This one is so pigmented, I don't think pan size is at all a problem.  I'm going to have fun playing around with it this summer, worn with a nude lip and a clean, winged eye.  What do you think?  Too bright?  Would you wear it?  How?