Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EOTD: Sing the Blues?

Just kidding, I won't sing anything for you - you'll thank me, trust me.

I ordered all kinds of pretty goodies from Shiro Cosmetics, so I decided to play around with them the other day.
It was not sunny outside; sorry for the bad lighting :(
I pulled out nearly every blue I now own.  Here's the look.
Trying something new, here.  Is this too overwhelming?  So many eyeeeees!
I applied UD Primer Potion in Eden first, then patted Desu (pastel blue) all over the lid.  I applied Emancipation Grid (pale shimmery blue) over the inner third of the eyelid, and added Squirtle (bright teal) along the inner corner and lid to brighten it up.  Then I blended Veran (dark blue with sparkles) in the outer third and in the crease.  I patted Gyrados (bright blue) very lightly in the middle, and then lined my eyes with Benefit's Magic Ink first (liquid liner) before finishing up with UD Flipside (teal) on the inner half, and UD Binge (navy blue liner) along the outer half of the eyelid.
In sunlight.  Yay blue!
These blues are so pretty, I have to play around with them some more.  I have a couple other blues kicking around, too, which I'll have to dig out.  From seeing many other EOTD posts from other bloggers, I've realized that my own "bright" looks are pretty subdued - I like to blend blend blend!  Haha.  But a lot of that has to do with eye shape and eye color and skin tone and you know, phase of the moon or whatever.  I wish I had S.'s eye color - they're a gorgeous brown-green-hazel combo that appear to be different colors depending on what he's wearing.  He has long, full, curled lashes too.  What the heck?  Haha.  Don't you hate that?  What use do boys have for pretty eyelashes?