Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zoya Reva

So many Zoyas, so little time.

I am leaving for a conference tomorrow, and I wanted a fresh coat of polish on my nails and toes.  I initially tried Caitlin on my fingers, but it's kind of finicky.  After a base, two color coats and a top coat, it looked...messy.  It's kind of a sticky formula, by which I mean it doesn't smooth out entirely at the tips, and drags on your nail a bit.  I've had it on my toes, but having a messy paint job on your toes is not as bad as on your fingers.  It bugged me.

So after dance class I took it off.  I thought I'd go with Dove, or another pastel (I've been really feeling the pastel love lately), but in the end I used Reva, from the summer collection.  It applies beautifully - every stroke is smooth and clean. I did two coats (and a base and top coat, of course).
I'm not sure why the Anchor bottle doesn't have a label.  This is the order I applied the products in.
It actually pulls darker red in person...more cool-toned for sure.
Sorry for the bad picture - there's not a lot of light to work with, but I wanted to show the difference in shade here versus in artificial light.

It's a beautiful dark red with delicate gold microglitter.  It's not quite spring-like, but I find these finishes are also more forgiving as they wear down (i.e. tip wear is less obvious), and since I won't be able to do any removes or touch-ups for the next week, I think it's a good choice.
Image from the Wikipedia entry for "Ruby Slippers"
The color reminds me of the Wizard of Oz - the ruby slippers!  (Speaking of which, did you know they did this?  So awesome!  The Jimmy Choo version is sexy).

On a side note, Zoya's Remove + is amazing.  Everything comes off so completely and easily, and it doesn't smell quite as bad as other removers.  It also doesn't turn your fingers the color of the nail polish you're removing (I hate this when I'm removing a strong color like red or blue).  I can't see myself ever using anything else now.


VijiiS said...

I've been coming down with a bad case of Zoya lust from reading your blog lately! I love how this color looks on you. =]

Larie said...

Haha yes! I want everyone to have mad Zoya lust :D

Roxy Heart said...

I LOVE nail polish! Cute color!
Want to follow each other?

Piril Maria said...

Very pretty nail polishes.

♥ Love,

GretchTM said...

That is a gorgeous color!

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