Sunday, April 17, 2011

Travel Kit: The Evaluation

This is the bag I usually throw all my travel makeup in:

Here is a shot of the contents of my travel kit (with a few omissions):
Stila Pearl Palette, Boscia Makeup Breakup Cleanser, UD 24/7 pencils in El Dorado, Zero, Flipside, Crash, UDPP Eden, Benefit Magic Ink, BE shadows in Night Owl and Silk Stockings, EL Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder in 2N1 Desert Beige, Smashbox Radiance Blush, Tarte Bronzer, CoverFX Conceal FX Camouflage concealer

I also packed Bliss eye cream, and mini versions of the Clinique moisturizing gel and facial soap (not pictured).  Since it was a conference and my only goal was to look presentable (rather than trying to dress up, etc, like I would if I were on a real vacation), I prolly could have skipped the eye palette and just taken the two BE shadows.  I ended up not using the EL powder and concealer (good skin days?), but I think just having them makes me less nervous - what if I wake up in the morning with a blemish?

I could have left the blush at home, since I just used the bronzer (and it goes better with my eye shadow choices), and limited myself to just one extra 24/7 liner.  I did use the UDPP and the liquid liner, so those would find a place in my kit the next time I travel.  The Boscia was also really good (review soon); at home, I typically use two Clinique products to remove all of my makeup, and this was far easier.  I think I will be making a permanent switch.

And if you were curious to see how well Zoya Reva held up:

Beautifully!  Minimal (if any) noticeable tip wear over 6 days, and just a small gap by the cuticle due to growth.  Granted, I didn't do any of the things I normally do this week (wash dishes, climb rocks, wear boxing gloves, clean the apartment - erm, not usually in that sequence, but you know what I mean), but I still think it's pretty impressive.  It's also good to note that I can now use Zoya and the color lock system on future trips, without worrying about having to suffer through an entire trip of chipped/worn down nail polish.  I guess the easy solution would be to have bare nails for the duration of a trip, but mine are paper thin and unsightly and I would rather keep them painted.  Best foot forward, and all that.


VijiiS said...

Ooooh, I totally love the look of your makeup bag!

Piril Maria said...

Your make up is so good! I like it.

♥ Love,

GretchTM said...

The nail polish color turned out really well. You have some great makeup!

Larie said...

@ Vijiis: Thanks :) Clinique GWP bags are so useful! I have a number of them for travel - I especially like the plastic ones for keeping toiletries in checked bags.

@ Piril Maria: Thanks :)

@ Gretchen: Yeah, I was impressed with how well the polish lasted.

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