Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Thursday Post

Natalie Walker: Uptight.  Her voice is ethereal, and this is one of those smooth, easy-listening pieces that still draws you in with its smoky sexiness.

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 I read The Lover's Dictionary, and it was good.  Short, but in a concise, effective way.  Each vignette is written as a dictionary entry.  They aren't trite words like "kiss," and "happiness," or whatever, either. 
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I have seen so many great reviews (CafeMakeup, The Beauty Look Book) of this, and I must have it: DiorSkin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in 001 Aurora (how many times do you need to say "glow?")

I've also been rocking liquid eye liner a lot this week...Benefit Magic Ink.  I love the clean lines from liquid liner.     
And, my Sephora order (purchased pre-ban, thank you very much :D) came in on Monday, so I have all sorts of goodies!  There will be reviews (I already played around with Mash-up; I couldn't wait).  (And I'm still pleased as punch about ordering them before the buy-ban, and receiving them during the ban!  I realize this only means that I succeeded in outsmarting myself, but you know, I'll take what I can get).

Finally, for something cool:  Have you ever played Epic Mickey (video game for Wii)?  Well, it doesn't matter - do you like cool photography?  Read this.  Think of the gnome travel photos in the movie Amélie, except with a little Mickey Mouse figurine, instead.  Super cool!