Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Thursday Post

I find the whole "follow a celebrity!" thing kind of weird, even with the widespread use of Twitter, etc.  I don't know that I really want to be involved in that way, you know?  I mean, they're celebrities, sure, but we're all just people - live and let live, and leave well alone, you know? do you know it's really them?  I guess you don't.  Does it matter?

Anyway.  Having said all that, I do subscribe to Dianna Agron.  I think she's gorgeous; her makeup and fashion choices are always spot on (wait,  "spot on?" When did I turn British?) even though I'm not a Glee fan.  Mostly, though, I subscribe to her Tumblr because she has fantastic taste in music.  See her here.  I'm loving that Plan B song, by the way.

I want Stila's new "sparkle waterproof" liquid liners - I hope they're paraben-free.  I thought Stila posted ingredients for all products, but I guess it's only for most products.  Annoying!  The waterproof scares me a bit (I don't need waterproof, gah), but they are pretty and I love liquid liners. (edit: according to Sephora's website, these contain parabens.  Boo!)

Zoya Caitlin
I put Zoya Caitlin on my toes^.  It's a gorgeous color, and since I don't think you want to see my toes again, I'll just send you over to Karla's beautiful swatches.  Caitlin's a lovely dark counterpart to the Marley on my fingertips.  I'm going to repaint my nails this weekend (Marley's finally chipping), and I think it's gonna be Gemma next.  Woohoo - that's the last of the spring collection!  I've got some from summer's collections next.

Have a happy weekend!


VijiiS said...

That color is giving me the maaaad nail polish lust. <3

Larie said...

It's so gorgeous! There are prolly a lot of dupes out there, but I am not enough of a nail polish fanatic to know 'em. The next time Zoya has a promotion - pick this one up with your Color Lock system, haha.

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