Friday, April 22, 2011

MAC Syrup - Mmm, Syrup!

Going crazy with the MAC lipsticks, I know.  I own a grand total of TWO lipsticks now.

This is Syrup, a Lustre finish lipstick.  This is another mostly-sheer shade, because I'm still not that brave.  The MA picked it out as a soft, every day color.  It closely matches my natural lip color, enhancing it slightly and adding a bit of sheen.  I like.

Here's the ingredient panel (click for larger):

It applies very sheer, but evenly :)

It does have a sheen to it, but otherwise it's really just an enhancement of my natural lip color - it evens out the tone of my lips (this is in natural light).

I love this color: in person, it's a slightly creamy - though not matte - pink and very subtle.  When S. came back from his run, I asked him what he thought.  He peered at my face closely (with a mildly bemused expression), and finally gave up. "What do I think...about what?"  He usually notices things, and is pretty helpful in general with fashion/makeup choices when I ask (although he is partially shade blind, which makes it difficult sometimes, haha), so that just kind of shows how subtle the lip color is.  It's not a show stopper, but I do appreciate the light pink color - it adds a bit of brightness and freshens up my face.  And sometimes I don't want show stopping.  Carry on!

The texture is a little heavier than the glaze finish, but still comfortable on the lips.  In short: a keeper!  So I'm done buying lipstick for now.  I have a few other colors that I'm interested in - enough to establish a sort of "basic set" of lipsticks (a coral color - MAC Vegas Volt or Gotta Dash (sheen supreme), a nice bronzy red, like the Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine in Sunset Bronze, or the MAC sheen supreme in Can't Resist, and a vampy dark color), but I can wait on those.  Maybe I'll buy a coral in time for summer.  Any suggestions?  Most popular lipsticks that I've seen are paraben-free, with the exception of older Chanel formulas and some drugstore brands.

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