Monday, April 25, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Sakura Mineralize Blush

This is the reason why I didn't want to get into MAC.  I did not need to get sucked into yet another makeup brand.  Damn, damn, damn.

But even before I decided to foray into MAC with the lipsticks and the tinted lip conditioner, I saw promo pictures of the Quite Cute blushes and could not get over how freaking cute they were.  With the little heart in the middle?  Is that not just adorable?  Gah.  Killed by cuteness, I was.

At least, my wallet was.  Why are these blushes $23?  I mean, that's two dollars less than my Tarte blush loves, but MAC generally seems to be slightly more affordable than some of the other things I tend to purchase (cough cough Guerlain).  Oh well.  Whatever.  Obviously, it didn't stop me.
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Sakura is the only one I wanted, because of its decidedly cooler tone and the fact that I don't have a purple-y blush, while I do have a pink and a peach one.  The MA at the MAC store applied some to my cheeks, and I was smitten!
Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight.  I know.  I'm pale. 

It's a bit chalky, but I don't have any other MAC mineralize blushes, so I can't compare.  I do pick up quite a bit of product with one brush swipe, though, and it blends into my skin beautifully.  I'm not sure I'll be rushing in for any more MAC blushes, but I <3 this one.

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