Monday, April 18, 2011

I Finally Bought a Lipstick, and it's MAC

This is my first lipstick purchase.  Well, first purchase with the intention of actually wearing it (I think I bought lipstick for prom once.  I'm going to go ahead and say that doesn't count, because I have no idea where it went and I never wanted it again.) And it's from MAC.  This is noteworthy for two reasons:

1. I'm afraid of lipstick, and
2. I am indifferent to MAC.

I know a lot of people swear by MAC etc etc etc, but up until last week (ish), I had never met a MAC MA who could be bothered to give me the time of day (which is weird, considering it's their job to sell makeup, yes?) and all of their constant releases/promotions/limited editions/etc just feel ridiculous to me.  With that in mind, I do appreciate their charity efforts and the diversity of their campaigns (we'll ignore the Rodarte fiasco for now, shall we?).  I was just never that interested in the brand.  Plus, I couldn't be certain that their products were paraben-free (when will companies start to post full ingredient lists online?) and from what I've seen on beauty blogs, there's so. much. MAC.

This was confirmed for me last week when I actually walked into the store.  There are like, fifty lipstick "finishes."  Okay, that's a slight exaggeration.  Maybe just thirty.  But seriously.  If the kind MA hadn't taken pity on me, I would still be lost in lipstick limbo, trying to figure out the types of finishes and what that means for a girl who has super dry lips, several allergies (including several undiagnosed ones, see this post) and absolutely no idea what kind of lip color suits her.  I wear eye shadow, eye liner, and blush.  And foundation, if I can be bothered.  Lipstick is a whole other thing.  I don't wear gloss, either, because it's sticky.  All of that stuff gets in the way.  And you know, I like kisses.  Boys don't appreciate colored, sticky lips.

Anyway.  I do own a lipstick, but it's the Korres liquid lipstick and it's not your traditional lip...stick.  It is applied with a doe foot applicator, it's moisturizing and wet, and not sticky or waxy at all.  It does have a pretty noticeable color, but I've worn it all of, um, twice.  At night.  In the dark.  You get the idea.

So, prodded along by certain bloggers, I went to buy a lipstick.  The MA was extremely sweet and helpful, and she picked out a few colors that I actually liked: Syrup, and Hot Tahiti.  And a tinted lip conditioner, in Fuchsia Fix.  I ended up with the lip conditioner and Hot Tahiti - I didn't pick up Syrup because I figured that the tinted lip conditioner would be good for every day, and the more pigmented Hot Tahiti was a nice "going out" color, and really, does a girl need more than one lipstick?  (Hahaha.  It's a joke.  Mostly).  So, without further babbling on my part: Hot Tahiti.
Ingredient panel!  Click for larger.
Hot Tahiti is a "glaze" finish.  It's a permanent shade...I wasn't going to run the risk of falling in love with a limited edition shade!
Looks very different on the hand than on the lips.
 Um, you have no idea how long I hedged on the idea of a lip swatch.  My thoughts: Do people really want to see my lips?  They're not perfect.  How do I even do a lip swatch?  What kind of "lip face" do I make?  Eek.  But then I decided that lip swatches are the most helpful for me when I am looking at lip  My desire to be helpful won out over my shyness.
I wore this on a couple of date nights, and um, it's gorgeous.  Love.  I don't know that it's enough to convert me to a true lipstick fanatic (eye shadow is still my first love), but I do love the light texture and the color.  On my lips, it is a slightly glossy, sheer red that pulls faintly coral.  It's not too strong so it doesn't scream "lipstick!" and actually is a nice finishing touch to whatever eye makeup I'm wearing.  When it fades (during meals, for example), I'm left with a nice tint without feathery lines, which is also nice.  I have applied it two ways: to bare lips, and over my tinted lip conditioner (review here); it goes on smoothly either way, but I like the extra moisture from the lip conditioner, so I typically apply both.

As everyone prolly already knows, lipsticks run $14.50 per at MAC.  Their lipsticks are lightly scented (vanilla) and come in a multitude of finishes.  (And I like this so much, I went back to get Syrup last Saturday night.  I'll let you know how that goes at some future date.  I guess a girl does need more than one lipstick.  Sigh.  And the collecting begins.)


VijiiS said...

Aaah, syrup is a favorite of mine. I hope you love that, too!

BeautyParler said...

Glad you picked up Syrup, one of my MAC faves.

Rae // theNotice said...

Love love love the shade against your skintone - it looks great! I can't wait to read your review of Syrup; I've been on the fence about getting it ^^

(A sane person would simply go out and try it on, but I haven't been shopping for lipstick in aaages... just haven't had the time!)

GretchTM said...

You chose a great color. It looks beautiful!

Larie said...

@Vijiis: I tried Syrup tonight, just for a little bit - it's quite pretty :)

@BeautyParler: Yeah, I had to go back for it :D

@Rae: *blush* Thanks :) I was so nervous about putting up the lip swatch :P And I know what you mean about making time to go lipstick shopping. They look so different swatched on lips!

@Gretchen: Thank you! It's a good starter color - not too dark.

Ik said...

haha I used to think the same about how many lipsticks does a girl need.. Now I think enough to keep her company before expiration!:P It looks beautiful on you. :)
I am hosting a giveaway on my blog.. Do join in. :)

Larie said...

@ lk: Yeah, I am starting to think that way, myself! And thanks, I will definitely stop by your blog :)

Anonymous said...

That looks gorgeous. MAC lipsticks have a way of pulling people in: the color range, the decent price for quality and quantity... definitely hard to resist. I personally *love* lustres and creamsheen formulas because they're on the more moisturizing side and are still glossy like a normal lipgloss. They also wear down well too, showing only a little bit of lip imperfections. I suggest you look more into those formulas as a "transition" lipstick gal cuz I did and I was hooked! =] Good luck!

Larie said...

@Anonymous - Thank you! I've since started quite the collection of lipsticks ._. It's quite horrible, actually - for my wallet, anyway! I do like the lustres, and have tried a few cremesheens...very nice! What are your favorites? Thanks for stopping by!

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