Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eye Look: Teal and Gold (Stila Pro Artist Palette No. 1)

Eye Look = iLook?

Just kidding.  I don't want Steve Jobs coming after me with a stick.  Or a lawsuit.

Anyway, I'm trying to be better about controlling my impulse to shop for new makeup, especially when I know I already have similar products.  Case in point: Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Island Oasis Shadow Palette:
Image from
Gorgeous, yes, but necessary?  Prolly not.  Especially when I own this:
Stila Pro Artist Palette No. 1
They're not exactly the same - the EL is warmer, with more red and bronze - but they are similar, with their theme of golds and browns and then a pop of color.  The turquoise shade in both also looks quite similar.  Of course, EL is decidedly more luxe, but Stila shadows are also lovely - soft and silkily smooth, they blend well, are strongly pigmented (usually true to pan, in my experience), and last all day (with a primer).  The major complaint with this Stila palette is the awful packaging.  Cardboard is fine, but it has this slit to slide the cover into place, and it's not very well executed at all.  I feel like I almost have to bend the palette to get the cover in place - I don't really, but it feels that way.  Still, this is $18 at Sephora right now, and the EL is $42.

I also use this palette for one of my favorite eye looks.  I do wear a lot of bright shadow, which is prolly why I shy away from any lip products (besides barely tinted balm).  I have seen a lot of people pair bright shadows with appropriate lip colors, though, so that'll be a new area of experimentation.  For now, though, here's just the eye look.
Here's what I use: Benefit Magic Ink, UD 24/7 liners in El Dorado, Flipside, UD Eden primer, Stila Pro Artist No. 1 Palette, Sephora angled shadow brush, Sephora shadow brush

Eye photos = SO HARD.  I have a half dozen shots of half an eye, an awkward corner, etc.  Sheesh.
Sorry, this one's a little blurry, but I wanted to get a shot of the closed eye.

So.  Here's what I do:

1. Apply primer all over the lid.  I use my ring finger, but um, feel free to use a brush or whatever suits you.
2. Apply gold shadow (the farthest left in this palette) all over the lid with the shadow brush, and partially above it - depends on the fold of your eye.  I'm Asian, but I do have a fold, so this is what I do.
3. Apply teal shadow into the outer corner and outer crease with the angled shadow brush.  Blend back into the gold with the smaller brush so that you have more of a gradient and less of a "two blocks of color bwahaha" look going on.  
4. With the Benefit Magic Ink - or any black liquid liner - line your upper lid, winging it out at the end.  
5. With the El Dorado pencil, line the first half of your upper lash line - from the inner corner to the midway point where the gold shadow meets the teal.  You'll be tracing along your black line, overlapping it.  The black will still serve to define your eyes - it'll be a stronger look than if you had left it out (I've tried it both ways; I prefer layering over black eye liner, and liquid liner is cleaner than a black pencil).
6. With the Flipside pencil, finish the other half of the upper lash, ending right before the winged tip.  You may want to go back with either colored pencil to blend the middle line a bit (I usually blend gold into teal a little bit).
7. Ta-da!  Clean up a bit (though I didn't, haha, because I wasn't planning on going anywhere after this) around the eye area, and apply mascara if you want - I usually skip.  

Hopefully the instructions weren't too confusing - the pictures are prolly easier to follow, anyway.  It's brighter in person (the gold stands out more), and it's one of my favorite looks.  I'm an earring fiend, and I often pair my eye makeup looks with my earrings, so this is the inspiration:
Well, what do you think?  Would you like to see more eye looks, or should I stick to product reviews?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

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