Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bright Pink: Smashbox Radiance

Once upon a time, I wanted a bright pink, matte, bubblegum colored blush.  So I trooped down to Sephora and had a MA help me out; we tried NARS Desire and Smashbox Radiance.  I initially bought the former (it was brighter, a faint touch warmer on my skin, and beautiful) but then I found out that I had a paraben allergy, so I returned it and picked up the paraben-free Smashbox blush.  They are not exact dupes, but they are very close. 
Has a pull-out mirror, which I've never used, but it is a handy feature.
Natural light.  Pink!  :)
It's a powder blush, which I apply with my handy EcoTools blush brush.  It's not as finely milled as I would like - but I can still manage to pick up quite a bit of product with a few brush swipes, and it's enough to give me a nice bit of pink glow.  I do think that I will prolly turn to Tarte blushes from now on, but they weren't around when I purchased this, and there are surprisingly few brands out there with this shocking pink color.  Of course, sometimes I feel that no matter what color of blush I apply, it all turns out looking the same after a few hours.  Am I crazy, or do you sometimes feel this way too?


VijiiS said...

Have you tried MAC's Full Fuchsia? It's redder than this, but it has that lovely WHOA! pink color I think you're looking for.

Larie said...

@VijiiS: I saw swatches of that, and it does pack a pink punch ;) Buuuuut, it seems kind of frosty. I prefer matte blush colors, in general. Let me know if you think of any more :D

Hercy said...

So lovely! Never tried Smashbox though but I wish!! In the future! >< Have you tried Nars Orgasm? It's really nice too! :)

Larie said...

@Hercy: I have tried Orgasm before, but it's too shimmery for me. And NARS still doesn't have paraben-free formulas (though their new lip pencils are paraben-free), so that's another reason why I stay away from their blushes.

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