Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoya Jules

Zoya Jules is the one bottle of the Spring 2011 collection that I was the most wary of.  The color is beautiful in the bottle - it's a delicate, molten gold shimmer - but I was afraid that once it was applied, it would wash out terribly on my hands.
It didn't.  Don't you love when you're proved wrong in the best possible ways?

It applies evenly and is very forgiving; this is two coats, with an OPI base coat and a top coat.  The finish isn't gritty at all - very smooth - and it reminds me of those gold fabric ribbons that often come tied around Christmas presents.  Beautiful!  I want to try layering it over black nail polish...if that comes out well, it just may end up being what I wear at my wedding.  Though, that is more than a year away, and I'm sure there are dozens of different beautiful colors that may catch my eye before then.  We'll see.


Grace said...

Amazing colour polish dear! great choice. xxx

Larie said...

Thanks :)

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