Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoya Dove + Zoya Dannii

Zoya Dove on fingers, Dannii on toes.  Base coat + 2 coats color + top coat for all.

Dove is a light gray cream; the first coat applies a little streaky, but the second coat smooths everything out and gives you a nice opaque color.  No additional complexities of color here, but sometimes a nice, solid, clean color is all you want.

Dannii is a beautiful purple shimmer/foil type, and it's really a shame that it's still boot season and no one will see my toes!  Well, I know they're gorgeous, and they will also be visible at kickboxing and dance class :)  This one applies smoothly - no streaks, even with just one coat- and though you could prolly get away with one coat, I like two for a fuller, more consistent color.

They're both from Zoya's Spring 2011 collection.  $8 each from


GretchTM said...

I love the dove color. It's really pretty!

Laurie said...

Pretty polishes! I love Dannii on your toes. I know the feeling though -- my toes have been buried under socks and boots since November:)

Lea Soe said...

Love it. Great colours!

Larie said...

The Intimate collection is gorgeous! :)

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