Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Pairs of Shoes...

The trouble with online shopping (for shoes, especially) is that I can never get a good feel for texture or the general quality of the shoe - it's hard to gauge whether the synthetic material looks cheap, or is well-made.  That, and the obvious issue of sizing; even if I have a general shoe size, not all brands run the same measurements per size, etc.  With all of this in mind, you would think I would just go to the store and pick out my shoes, but...sometimes you just get the urge to shop, and you're stuck at work, and well, what else am I supposed to do?

Anyway, they came today - Madden Girl Rhiana booties in Taupe, and BCBG wedge sandals in red.  I like the look of both of them!
They're cute, right?  They're not as gray as this picture makes them seem - they lean towards dusty brown.
It's dark outside, so I couldn't take these with natural light, but the flash changes the color entirely.  These wedge sandals are more of a maroon than the fierce fire engine red that appears here.  They also appear this color (bright red) on the DSW website, and that's what I thought I was getting, but I actually like the maroon, too.

Unfortunately, the booties - as I feared - are too big in the ankle area.  They don't come up very high on my foot at all - they're more like regular pumps in that aspect - and my foot easily slips in and out of them even without undoing the zipper, so these are a pass.  I have the hardest time with booties - they're all too big in the same area!  The BCBG sandals are also a six, but those fit perfectly.  They're keepers :)

Annnd just for kicks, I thought I'd show you my house slippers!

 Adorable, right?  I originally bought a green pair for S. on one of his birthdays, and he loved them.  Then we got some for me.  :)


GretchTM said...

Those shoes are adorable. It's a shame the boots don't fit you well. I have the exact same house slippers, but in pink!! I love them! :) I got them at this cool Japanese store in one of the malls in Atlanta.

Amada said...

Great buys! Don't sad about the booties. You'll figure something out!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Larie said...

@Gretchen: Yes! I love Yoshi slippers! I bought them at a similar type of store here, but I was torn because they also had Toad slippers!

@Amada: Thanks :) I'm sure I'll find a pair that fits eventually.

Lisa said...

hi thanks for visiting me :)

omg those taupe booties are SOOO cute!! i'm totally obsessed with anything taupe right now.. and i HEART anything with ruffles!

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