Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Thursday Post

 Not a lot going on so far this week, though tomorrow we're going on a hike with S.'s research group members, and then tomorrow night we're going out for dinner and drinks with some friends - should be a good time!  I'm excited; it's always nice to get together with people.  And any excuse for dressing up and drinks is fantastic.  And Zigzag Cafe, which we've been to before, has an amazing bartender.  Good good good!

I've been wanting to try more intense lip colors lately (as in, any at all, rather than the usual nothing/clear balm I have on).  Today I wore Tarte's lip stain in Enchanted (review here) - all day - and not just around my apartment where no one could see me (besides S., who seems to think I look awesome no matter what absurd kind of makeup I have on.  I guess he's a keeper, hehe).  It's prolly not dark at all for people who are used to wearing bright lip colors, but for me, it's definitely a bold, rosy pink and a departure from my normal wear.  I toned down my eye makeup and just used liner (black and plum), mascara, and a bit of blush to go with the look. I always feel like people who normally see me, will be puzzled by the sudden use of lipstick/lip products, but I guess I shouldn't really be bothered.  Also, on the plus side, even though I had to reapply every two hours, the stain actually does do a good job of keeping lips moisturized.  The color doesn't sink into lip lines, either, which I really appreciate.  And the color intensity doesn't get out of control with every re-application.  Win!

And to brighten your day: a bit of cuteness.  I love owls, and this (short) video may be the cutest thing ever.

Have a good weekend!


Tabatha said...

When I started to wear brighter lip colors outside the house, I was worried that everybody would stare at mm lips, but then I got used to wearing brighter colors & now I really don't care anymore. I think you'll feel comfortable with it over time, it just needs some practice :-)
It's great when stains don't sink into your lips & emphasize every usually invisible unevenness. Tarte seems worth trying out - thanks for sharing :-)

GretchTM said...

I recently started getting into intense lip colors. The most drastic I'll go is bright red though. Since I don't wear eye make up as much, I like to add color to my face with lipstick.

GretchTM said...

The clue game was interesting. I think it would be more fun with 3+ players. It's kind of easy with just two people. Haha! I totally beat my boyfriend.

Larie said...

@Tabatha: Yeah, I think I just need to work up the courage to rock any lip color! :)

@Gretchen: Thanks for letting me know about the game! I think it might be fun to pick up for get-togethers and parties...I love the original Clue.

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