Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Thursday Post

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  S. is half (or very nearly) Irish, so he's got corned beef all ready to go in the slow cooker today.  I am...not Irish, but I enjoy corned beef.  He'll have a Guinness, I'll have some Irish whiskey, on the rocks.  It'll be a good night.  Any fun plans for you?

Zoya is having another promotion soon!  You need an account by March 20, 2011, so go forth and do this.  Their promotions are always worth it.

Adele's latest album is still on repeat.  Love her voice.

I have a shoe shopping urge.  I kind of want these.  Though I'm still divided on the merits of booties, and it's hard for me to find ones that fit - they're always too big around the ankle, and then my foot slips around.  I have a few more bookmarked, but I think I may just have to go down to DSW or something and pick some up.  Shoe shopping online makes me nervous.  I know Zappos does free returns, but shipping things back is such a hassle!

And...I've been playing Pokemon Black.  :D

Have a good weekend!


GretchTM said...

Love the shoes! Cole Haan has awesome designs.

Larie said...

They do! I have a pair of Cole Haan rainboots that I love.

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