Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snapshot: Currently Loving

This is simply a mini-review set - more like a spotlight - of things that I've been using over and over recently.  Coincidentally, many of them happen to be mini or sample sizes.  (Click for larger; all pictures taken in natural light).

Bare Escentuals "Silk Stockings" mini eye shadow (it came in one of those Buxom sets, but I don't remember which one now).  I'm sad that this seems to have been an LE (either that, or does BE constantly roll out their old colors?  Annoying) because it's lovely.  It is a matte, sandy, taupe color, but it has teeny tiny bits of sparkle in it; however, this is not a shimmer.  The finish is still matte all around, with little chunks of gold sparkle.  It's hard to describe accurately, but I really love it - it's got that fun kick to it, without the heaviness of frost or shimmer finishes, so it still works for those more natural, neutral looks.  I could see myself picking up another one when this finishes, but since it's no longer sold...time to look for a dupe!

Bare Escentuals "Night Owl" shadow - this one came from the Smoky Eye Tutorial kit that I picked up free as a VIB gift from Sephora at some point.  It's a lovely, shimmery purple-brown-gray that pairs well with the Silk Stockings shadow (this in the crease and outer edges, Silk Stockings on the lid).  Since I don't find BE shadows to be very strongly pigmented (as in, not overpowering or too intense), this works well for a more subdued look.

Urban Decay "Crash" and "Zero" eyeliner: purple-brown-gray color with chunks of glitter, and the classic, staple black.  Crash goes on more smoothly than the similar "1999" shade.  I've been wearing them both - often at the same time.  Zero first, directly on the lash line, and then Crash a teensy bit higher up the lid, slightly overlapping the Zero line.  These are mini versions that I picked up in various sets - I think I have three or four Zeros of various sizes running around, though.

Benefit Magic Ink liquid liner: I like liquid liners and I use this or Zero depending on the kind of look I'm going for (sometimes both, haha), and I love that Benefit has a paraben-free formula, but what is up with this brush?  Who decided this bristle-y brush tip was the best idea for a liquid liner?  It's not rough at all, but the bits and pieces of the brush tend to stick out all over the place, which is not ideal for a thin, precise line.  I can usually get it to work out for me, but I'd rather not wrestle with my makeup in the morning.  That's my only gripe; it stays put and is a nice, pigmented black.  Good for winged liner days.

Tarte bronzer: "Hotel Heiress."  Love.  That's all I have to say about that.  This is a mini version that I picked up as a free gift with purchase from Tarte.

Hello Kitty, from Sephora.  Isn't the mini bottle cute?  I bought the full version today (Sephora damage, oops) and I'll show you that later.  This was a 100 point sample from Sephora, and it's pretty hefty for being a mini sample.  I've worn it nearly every day for the past month or so, I think, and there's still a substantial amount left.

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