Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Blog?

I subscribe to a lot of fashion blogs by RSS (yay for Google Reader!) and it's made me want to participate on my own, as well.   Seeing all of the fabulous outfits that people put out there has also made me a little more conscious of the things that I throw together and call outfits.  It's also making me consider my shopping philosophies more carefully.  Do you like to invest in expensive but well-made staples, or would you rather buy a lot of cheaper trend items?  I think most people do a mixture of both.  I usually do, though there are some things I do tend to splurge on, like boots and coats.  Those items seem to be more resistant to passing fads, and really, you need good shoes (i.e. well-made, sturdy, not destructive to your feet) and durable coats are a must in bad weather.

Today, however, it was sunny and beautiful!  Is it finally spring?  I hope so!  I know it is officially spring tomorrow, at least in this part of the world, but the weather in the Pacific Northwest is not always very cooperative.  To take advantage of the weather, we went to the outdoor mall nearby, where we both indulged a little (Sephora for me, joint ogling at Crate & Barrel, purchase of a French press and burr coffee grinder, etc).  I poked around a little in J.Crew and Free People, but nothing really caught my eye.  I do, however, want to share what I wore - it may be fun to do a little bit of fashion blogging.  Or at least, try to.  So, here we go.  Picture by S. 

  Trench: Banana Republic
Skinny jeans: American Eagle
Boots: DKNY
Handbag: Prada
Sorry, I have bad posture and it's not a very pretty environment (our doorway, hah!) but I am a little self-conscious about this whole photo thing.  It would have been nice to go outside and take some pictures on the lawn, but...there were people outside.  Hahaha.  I'm shy.  I'll try to stand straighter next time, and actually, you know, face the camera.  Thoughts?  Any comments/helpful advice would be much appreciated :)


Gertrude said...

The boots is so gorgeous! You could tell a friend/family member you're comfortable with to take your pictures. You'll probably feel less shy :) xo

GretchTM said...

I love your outfit. Those boots are super cute!! I get shy when a lot of people are around too, but my boyfriend makes me laugh every time and then I get comfortable again. I'm still a college student, so I can't really splurge on expensive items. When I do, it's usually on a purse or shoes.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I think you look great!! You have a good camera stance if I am saying it correctly. It will take a little time, some learning curves but you are heading to a nice start :D I like what you are wearing! It's so chic!

Larie said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments! My fiance takes the photos, but when we're outside, I feel like people are staring. o_O I will just keep wearing sunglasses so I don't have to make eye contact! :)

Yona said...

Those boots are love :).

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