Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner with Friends

We had an enjoyable night out on Friday.  First, a nice dinner with friends at an Italian place downtown, followed by drinks and munchies at a popular bar/restaurant (Zigzag Cafe), and then drinks and chatting at a friend's house.  We got home waaaay later than my bedtime, but it was a lot of fun; sometimes it's nice to just hang out and forget about work.

It's been slightly warmer (fifties) lately, which has been nice.  I used the night out as an excuse to wear slightly more dressy items that I don't usually get to put to use in the day-to-day routine of school/work.  You've seen the boots and purse before, but what can I say?  I like what I like.  And it's good to get a lot of use out of staple items - it makes them worth their hefty price tags.

Also, this dress has pockets!  I love it when dresses have hidden pockets that don't horribly alter the shape of the dress (as in, make your skirt bulge out awkwardly in the pocket area).  Pockets are fun.

dress: H&M
cropped shrug: purchased in Korea a few years ago
leggings: American Eagle
purse: Prada
boots: DKNY

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


GretchTM said...

I love it when dresses have pockets! This outfit is so elegant. I love it!

Larie said...

Aren't dresses with pockets awesome? :)

Gertrude said...

I love pockets as well.. problem is that then you will only see me with my hands in them lol! xo

fashion tnt said...

beautiful blog! ;)
follow me I always follow back :)

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