Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why isn't it the weekend yet?

This has been a long, long week.  And there's still one more day left before the weekend!

I've been reading this.  It's good.  I borrowed it from the library before Christmas and had to give it back within a week because we were leaving on our trip and it couldn't be renewed, so when I got back I requested it again.  It's long, but it's the kind of book you can really settle down with.

This one's old, but I was desperately trying not to grade exams and spent some time clicking "random" on the xkcd site.  It made me smile.  This one made me laugh.

I recently jumped on the perfume boat, which was, in retrospect, a bad - and expensive - idea.  I received a sample of this with my recent Sephora order, and I like it.  Floral, with a lime/citrus smell, and subtly sweet.  Not overpowering.  I am very, very bad at describing perfume (prolly because I can't really decided what exactly it is that I am detecting in the scent) so you really have to go take a sniff yourself.  It's lovely.  I'm not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty and don't really understand the appeal, but the full-sized bottle with the atomizer is super cute.  I am going to purchase the full size.

These dresses are way out of budget for me, but I can dream, right?  They're gorgeous.  I did find some more affordable ones at The Limited and White House Black Market.  I love the cut on the last dress, but I'm not sure I'm tall enough to pull it off.

And your weekly sweet treat: I just made lemon bars, but I've been stuck on these.  I've been in a lemon phase lately.  Want!

Have a good weekend!  Any fun plans?

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