Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Toeing the Purple-Pink Line: Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage

[Product was a gift from the fantabulous Liz-bob. Other products,*, were gifts or prizes].

This is just a quickie post, because I don't know much about Joe Fresh besides what Wikipedia can tell me. This is a liquid lipstick that's pretty easy to apply - the doe foot applicator is tapered and easily fits lip contours. It is not quite as matte as the MUFE Aqua Rouge, but it is close.

The color, Baie Sauvage, is definitely bright. It made an appearance on Liz's "purple lips" post, and it is sort of purple. But also sort of fuchsia. Bright bright bright, either way. I found it to apply evenly and last quite a while (maybe not the 6 hr claim, but I rarely hold a brand to these ridiculous length claims, anyway), but my lips were definitely in need of a good scrub and balm by the end of the day. I think that's true of most matte lipsticks (it's like wearing high heels - the look comes with a price), but I do find other formulas more comfortable.
Now it's pink...
The color depends on the lighting. I love shades like this, actually, and usually get compliments on them - probably because they're so vibrant that people have no choice but to notice it. Ha. I wore it with a warm, peachy blush for balance.
And now it's a little more purple...a bit zombie-esque in this photo, I'm afraid.
Other makeup worn:
MAC Lingering + MAC Brow Finisher
MAC Mineralize Concealer (NC20)
MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer (NW25)
Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous*
Guerlain Sunny Pink Sun Shimmer
Laura Mercier Rose Gold Caviar Stick
Shiseido BE213 trio
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara
Eyeko Alexa Chung Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner

I'm trying to wear more pinks and purples this fall, and even though this seems more like a spring/summer color...why not? Punchy lip colors look great against the muted fall/winter palette (autumn has been gray to me for the past six years or so - it rains in the PNW, people. From November to April) and I love matte lipsticks. The new MAC Matte collection has my name written all over it. I'm already thinking of picking up Pander Me, Living Legend, and Fashion Revival.

Do you like liquid lipsticks? Do you wear bright lipsticks in the colder months, or stick to neutrals and vamps?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

FOTD: Unseasonably Peach

[Products * were gifts].

I don't know why I've been into peach looks lately, but...well. Peach is kind of like orange, which is kind of like pumpkin (fun fact: THEY ARE ALL FOODS), so hey. I'm right on schedule.

Let's blame Pinterest. I mean, c'mon:
Emma Watson, Noah premiere.
It all looks so fresh-faced, youthful, and effortless. So I poked around in my stuff and slapped some makeup on. Peach makeup, as it were.
I think I need some bronzer, ha. Also, I couldn't bring myself to use quite as much blush as the pinspiration photos.

I used the lightest shade in the YSL Afrique palette all over the lids (over a base of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold), and then fluffed some Catrice Papaya Don't Preach along the outer edges. I created more of a defined winged liner shape because I wanted more drama. And then I added mascara (Clarins Truly Waterproof* - why must you still smudge? Boo to oily undereyes and the need to conceal).
I may have gone overboard with the highlighter. Ah, well. 
Cheeks are Shu Uemura Silk Cushion Blusher in Orange Quartz, buffed in with a fluffy contour brush. I finished up with a generous dusting of Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous* to highlight - forehead, cheekbones, cupid's bow, chin. Oh, and then lipstick, of course: Shu Uemura OB Dream Orange*.

I think this kind of a look actually carries well into winter - when we're all bundled up in coats and such, this fresh-faced look is a nice contrast. That glow, you know? I was never much of a peach girl, but it's growing on me. Apparently we're on a mission to explore all of the colors I never much liked before.

What's a popular color family that you usually ignore, but have started to warm up to?

Monday, September 22, 2014

FOTD: Purple Smoke & Becca Berry Twist Revisited

Becca makes some quality lip glosses, y'all. A little sticky with a crème brûlée scent, but beautifully pigmented. Since I'm trying to be berry purple this year (ha. ha. I couldn't resist), I wanted to do another look featuring Becca Berry Twist, which is a deep aubergine, shimmer-free gloss. And I wanted to do a plum smokey eye, because that was the most popular suggestion in response to this post.

Over a base of Laura Mercier Amethyst, I patted the plum shade in the Shiseido OR316 Floracouture palette all over the lid, blending it out lightly with the mauve shade of Shiseido RD299 Beach Grass. I stuck to plum for cheeks (MAC Stratus, which has become of my favorite blushes) and lips with Becca Berry Twist lip gloss. I guess this is also a plum spin on the monochrome look I did recently. YES. I love it when a single look strikes multiple goals off the list.
Berry Twist can be patchy upon application, but it usually looks okay if you're not taking close-up, full-face shots for a blog like a crazy person. Although, I do wonder what it would be like over something like MAC's Night Moth lip pencil.
Too much? Too purple? Too pale? This post did convince me that I don't need NARS Audacious Liv. So overall, +1, Larie.

Other makeup worn:
Origins Smarty Plants CC (Light/Medium)
Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Translucent Illuminator
MAC Lingering + Brow Finisher
MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer (NW25)
MAC Mineralize Concealer (NC20)
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner

There's been no shortage of posts around here, lately - I know. I figure I might as well take advantage of it while it lasts; job things have been happening, but happening slowly, so blogging is a good way to keep myself busy. I haven't been buying much, so reviews are slow (unless it's backlogged stuff), but I'm digging through Pinterest looks and have somehow found myself fixated on unseasonable peach lips/cheeks and pastels, of all things. Maybe that'll be a FOTD post, or two. And I was also thinking of writing a fitness post, but I'm a casual gym gal, so it won't be a gung-ho thing.

What do you think of pairing dark lips and smokey eyes? What's your favorite vampy lipstick/lip gloss?

Friday, September 19, 2014

FOTD: Coz Glitter Makes You Look Like a Fairy

So says Rae. Which got me thinking that I should give the glitter shades in my Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla palette another go.
Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla, which was an LE palette.
I tried the gold glitter shade once (here) and was rather indifferent; I felt like I was subjected to glitter particles in my eyeballs all day (I wasn't really), and wasn't impressed with how it looked. The Shu Uemura glitter shadows are like glitter topcoats for nails - flakie ones, though they are not holographic. They actually adhere pretty well to a base and provide lots of sparkle.

I decided to use the green glitter shade this time, and instead of layering it over a similar color, I patted it over a base of the Laura Mercier Amethyst Caviar Stick. I liked the contrast.

Other makeup worn:
MAC Lingering + MAC Brow Finisher
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW25)
MAC Mineralize Concealer (NC20)
MAC Whisper of Gilt (LE)
MAC Stratus (LE)
Dior Pisanelle Pink Rouge Dior (dc)
Eyeko Alexa Chung Lash Enhancing Eye Do Eyeliner

Then I put Dior's Addict Gloss in Étoilée on top of my lipstick, because it is also glittery and we might as well.

Sparklies. Ooooooh.

But I don't know if I feel like a fairy.

Maybe more like a...Slytherin?
Yep. I'm a geek. But you already knew that. And this hoodie is comfy. Although I wish I had a Ravenclaw one. That's probably more my speed.

How do you feel about glitter eye shadow? Although I don't feel they are must-haves (glitter is polarizing), if you want glitter, Shu Uemura makes some nice ones. I feel like I should experiment with more color combinations.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Polished Palette: bareMinerals Ready 8.0 Power Neutrals

[Product was purchased by me.]

I've been going through a neutral phase in terms of eye makeup. My Shiseido BE213 palette gets a lot of love (I've hit pan, ha!), but it is shimmery, as is the YSL Afrique palette; the latter is also thoroughly warm-toned. I wanted some mattes - both light and dark - in easy, hard to eff-up shades and a smooth formula. I also had a Sephora gift card, so I picked out this the bareMinerals Ready 8.0 Power Neutrals palette ($40). 
Top row, L-R: Boss Lady, Moneymaker, Schmooze, Boardroom
Bottom row, L-R: Exec, Payday, Magnate, Get Ahead
It runs toward the cool, gray end of the neutral spectrum. Five of the shades are matte - Moneymaker, Boardroom, Payday, Magnateand Get Ahead. Schmooze has a shimmer/pearl finish, and Boss Lady and Exec have specks of glitter/sparkle. The shadows are all powdery soft (Magnate swatches the driest, but still performs nicely on lids), smooth, and easy to blend and layer. I feel like the texture of these shadows is a bit thin, somehow, which also keeps them from turning heavy on lids.
L-R: Boss Lady, Moneymaker, Schmooze, Boardroom.
L-R: Exec, Payday, Magnate, Get Ahead.
This is the kind of palette that I think is easy to pack up on trips or keep in the Daily Tray, as it contains fool-proof shades that can be mixed and matched in many ways to create an effortless, refined "natural" look. Something low-key and office appropriate, or complementary to a bright/vampy lip. It's not going to necessarily take you "from day to night" like some other neutral palettes promise, but I've got a multitude of other colors and textures and finishes that I can mix in to amp it up. I also like layering shades over shimmery/matte cream bases to add dimension. And on its own, the palette provides a shade dark enough for the crease (I use both Boardroom and Get Ahead for the crease), as well as a few to highlight.
The included pamphlet has some looks to try.
Overall, I'm happy with this. I've worn it here with a vampy lip (Magnate and Get Ahead over Laura Mercier Rose Gold Caviar Stick).
Lipstick from this post.
For another opinion, you can hop on over to Monika's blog

How do you feel about shades like this? Do you prefer a "neutral" palette with more oomph, or do you like the inclusion of mattes?